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dormant-pruning-finalDormant Pruning

Dormant pruning is a horticultural practice performed during the winter months while the plant material is in a stage of dormancy.  It is utilized to increase the longevity and overall health of plant material.  This beneficial practice is employed to remove weak or damaged stems and branches, improve overall plant structure and growth habit, and reduce the size to encourage new, healthy growth from within the plant.  Since the particular task is performed during the winter months, disruption to the landscape is minimal. Read More

spring-jump-start2Spring Jump Start

The spring jump start, which is performed in April, includes a thorough clean-up and grooming of your landscape in preparation for the upcoming growing season. This service includes: removal of any remaining leaves, edge applicable hardscapes and plant beds, prune out damaged branches from winter months, cut back remaining perennials and ornamental grasses, hand rake/overseed with appropriate seed blend matted turf and snow mold areas (6” or smaller), and perform initial turf cutting of the season.

mulchMulch Installation

Mulch is a protective covering applied at the base of trees, shrubs and other garden plants. In addition to the aesthetic benefit, mulch helps conserve moisture, prevents soil erosion, insulates the soil to provide even temperature, and helps control weeds, which may reduce the need for herbicide applications. Poul’s Landscape and Nursery will furnish supervision, labor and equipment required to complete the following: Install shredded hardwood bark mulch, applied at an average depth of 2″ in tree rings and shrub beds.

pre-emergent-weed-bedsPre-Emergent Weed Control in Planting Beds

Pre-emergent herbicide is applied to all applicable planting beds to help discourage weed seed germination. This service is best timed with Spring Jump Start and/or Mulch Installation.  It is important for existing weeds to be pulled before the herbicide is applied.  The herbicide acts as a barrier and is applied on top of the mulch in order block weed growth.

Summer Spruce Up/Pruningsummer-prune

Summer pruning is used to control the size and shape of spring-flowering shrubs and evergreens.  We remove any dead, damaged or diseased branches, weed and edge shrub beds, and dead-head perennials if needed.

core-aerationCore Aeration with or without Over-seeding

Core Aeration helps reduce soil compaction and increases the amount of oxygen, water and nutrients available to the root system of the lawn. Cores left on the surface gradually deteriorate and serve as topdressing – assisting in the reduction of thatch. This procedure is beneficial to improving the overall health and appearance of the lawn while encouraging desirable root and shoot development.  Applicable lawn areas are core aerated in 2 directions, creating approximately 16 core holes per square foot and cores shall be left on the lawn. Upon completion of work, hardscapes will be cleaned of soil cores or other related debris.  Core aeration with over-seeding is used to sustain ideal turf density for a thick, lush lawn which also helps to stave off weed infestations.  Over-seeding with a core aeration is most successful during the fall where cooler temperatures help the seed establish.

fall-cleanupFall Clean Up

The fall cleanup is a detailed service which provides a cleanup of the property to prepare for winter. This service includes the following: Cutting back of perennials (perennials that provide winter interest, such as sedum, astilbe, hydrangeas, and ornamental grasses shall remain, where applicable), light pruning to clean up appearance of shrubs and a final leaf cleanup/lawn cutting.

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