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Lawn Mowing

Turf shall be mowed to approximately 2″ to 3″ high, as conditions dictate. Mowing equipment and patterns shall be employed to allow recycling of clippings where possible, and to present a neat, healthy appearance. Excess clippings and debris shall be removed where applicable. Blades on all mowers shall be sharp to prevent tearing of grass blades.  


Hand spade edge all turf adjacent to beds to present a neat appearance and frame plant materials.

Garden Maintenance

Hand weed, lightly cultivate, and edge beds and tree rings as needed, to maintain a neat appearance. Prune roses as needed to maintain size and encourage desirable growth. Prune/deadhead applicable perennials as needed to maintain appearance and encourage desirable growth. Spring ephemerals shall be cut back to ground level at the appropriate time.  Sweep and/or blow off hard surfaces upon completion of work as local ordinances permit. Remove all associated landscape debris from site and deliver to a licensed composting center.

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