Sustainable Landscaping Practices

By Rick Ramoser,

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Poul's Landscaping Cars

SUS-TAIN-A-BLE: adjective, pertaining to a system that maintains its own viability by using techniques that allow for continual reuse.

Sustainable practices are nothing new to all of us here at Poul’s Landscaping. As custodians of the environment, we take every measure possible to ensure our practices are the best possible in providing and maintaining a healthy, sustainable environment.

Design and planning is crucial to implementing a successful sustainable landscape and environment. It starts with a plan that is designed to be attractive and in balance with the environment and climate. Here are just a few ways Poul’s Landscaping has created a sustainable environment:

  • Using water loving plants in low lying wet areas to absorb excess water
  • Using bee and butterfly attracting plants to help our pollinators rebound from their unfortunate population decline
  • Dry River Beds
  • Rain Gardens
  • Permeable Pavers provide storm water management solutions
  • Installation of LED Landscape Lighting Systems can result in a fraction of the cost to operate vs. the older Halogen fixture systems and significantly reduce the need for bulb replacement

Wildlife Habitat Sign


Poul’s office and nursery facilities have been designated a “Certified Wildlife Habitat” and if you are interested, we can help your yard earn that title as well. One of our designers can walk you through the process of incorporating the proper balance of fresh water, food and shelter for various wildlife creatures in order to maintain a healthy, balanced ecosystem and then applying for the designation.

The following is a growing list of practices Poul’s has adopted to do our part in becoming and staying sustainable:

  • We recycle grass clippings and leaves throughout the season to create our own planting mix
  • We provide a facility for local tree removal companies to discard their organic debris to be re-used in our nursery
  • We have implemented company-wide GPS tracking to improve routing efficiency and monitor speed and idling
  • Some of our crews have already started using electric equipment
  • Our growing fleet has two Prius vehicles and the remaining vehicles and field equipment are regularly serviced by our own mechanic to run as efficiently and as long as possible
  • Office electronics, paper goods, and used printer cartridges are recycled on a regular basis
  • We continue to take steps in becoming as “paperless” as possible
  • Our staff mechanic recycles old engine oil, fluids, anti-freeze
  • We recycle all scrap metals accumulated from job site removals



Becoming sustainable doesn’t happen overnight. By each of us taking small steps, we can help to ensure our future generations will be able to enjoy the simple pleasures that nature provides.

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