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Poul’s Tree Nursery Stock List

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    6754 W. Indian Creek Rd.
    Long Grove, Illinois 60047

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    Specializing in large-sized, mature tree nursery stock:
    Delivered * Installed * Mulched * One Year Warranty

    For over 25 years, Poul’s Landscaping & Nursery has been growing trees and shrubs in our own Lake County nurseries so that we can provide a consistent supply of quality plants to our landscape design/build clients. Our policy is to grow trees and shrubs that are dependably hardy, of proper form, are harvested with optimally large root balls, and are dug fresh with minimal handling to reduce stress or injury.

    Why it’s important to select locally grown trees

    A tree or shrub grown in our particular soils and temperature fluctuations has superior adaptability – which means the plant will more than survive; it will thrive.

    holding-yard-evergreensLocally grown trees:

    • Recover more quickly from transplant shock
    • Provide better flowering performance and foliage color
    • Have a more robust and consistent growth habit
    • Have improved pest and disease resistance

    These benefits allow us to deliver a higher quality product while also providing our customers with a cost savings. With a reduced need for “inputs” such as extra nutrients or treatments over the life of the plant, as well as possible replacement costs, starting with a better tree to begin with is the best value in the long run.

    The advantages of a local tree nursery operation

    Locally grown trees (within a 50 mile radius of Chicagoland) reduce transportation costs and fuel burden, reduce pollution where they are grown, and enrich the local economy by providing employment opportunities along the localized supply chain. In conjunction with Poul’s Long Grove and Wadsworth nurseries, Poul’s employs a staff of field technicians, certified arborists, and horticulturists who can give you proper guidance and information when it comes to selecting and planting your new trees.


    Poul’s Tree Nursery – Why buy from us?

    boot-rootballGrowing high-quality, mature trees is a long-term commitment. Starting as saplings in our fields, some trees need a decade or more to take shape and be recognized as specimen quality. How a tree is grown and how it’s handled year after year is just as important as the stock it comes from.

    As local nurserymen for more than 40 years we have seen how climate, soils, breeding, and cultivation techniques can impact the health and beauty of a plant over time. Our stringent nursery practices make sure that each tree we sell has a strong start in life so that you can enjoy watching it grow for decades and perhaps generations.

    When you purchase high-quality trees from Poul’s you get more than meets the eye.

    At Poul’s Nursery we…..

    • Grow hardy, disease and pest-resistant nursery stock suited for our soils and climate
    • Space our plants widely so they have good form on all sides
    • Prune young trees every summer to encourage a straight leader for well-balanced shape
    • “Clean cultivate” by weeding with a tractor or a hoe between rows of trees rather than using herbicides
    • Dig trees using a tree spade, which is less stressful and produces a stable rootball of the proper size and tapered shape
    • Soak the fresh rootball with a high-capacity water truck while the tree is still in-ground
    • Level-off the top of the rootball before wrapping in burlap so that the collar can be set at the proper depth at planting time
    • Wrap the root ball in biodegradable burlap and string made of natural jute
    • Have nursery personnel hand-water trees in addition to drip irrigation in our holding yard and keep a watchful eye so that our trees do not dry out
    • Protect the trunk with cardboard wrapping during transportation
    • Install each tree augmenting the hole with pulverized black dirt and finishing with hardwood mulch
    • Provide a 1-year guarantee

    Landscape Design and Installation

    tree-farm-bottomWe do a lot more than grow great trees! Poul’s Landscaping
    & Nursery provides award-winning design and installation services – from planting a single tree to creating an entire outdoor living space. View our landscape design portfolio.

    Complete Landscape Maintenance Services

    Our team of experienced, uniformed maintenance staff includes state-licensed tree care specialists, licensed pest control applicators, and trained landscape technicians all with horticultural knowledge and local plant expertise.
    View available landscape maintenance services.