Seasonal Services

Seasonal Services

Seasonal Landscape Services

Poul’s Landscaping and Nursery offers comprehensive Seasonal Landscape Services to keep your garden and outdoor spaces vibrant and healthy year-round. From preparing your plants for winter to ensuring they burst into life in spring, our expert team is here to manage every aspect of your landscape’s seasonal needs.

Dormant Pruning

Winter Care for Longevity and Health

During the winter months, when your plants are dormant, it is the ideal time for pruning. Dormant pruning helps increase the longevity and overall health of your plants by removing weak, damaged, diseased, and detrimental branches. This practice not only improves plant structure and growth habit but also encourages new, healthy growth, with minimal disruption to the landscape. Dormant pruning is a crucial step in maintaining size, shape, and plant health.

Spring Jump Start

Preparing Your Landscape for Growth

As the snow melts and the first signs of spring appear, our Spring Jump Start service kicks into gear. We provide a thorough clean-up and grooming of your landscape, removing any remnants of winter. From edging hardscapes and plant beds to pruning out winter-damaged branches, our team sets the stage for a season of lush growth. Initial turf cutting and overseeding ensure your lawn is dense, green, and ready for the year.

Mulch Installation

Beauty and Protection for Your Garden

Mulch is not just about aesthetics; it’s a protective layer that conserves moisture, prevents soil erosion, and helps control weeds. Our Mulch Installation service uses double grounded hardwood mulch to create an even temperature around your plants, promoting healthy growth while adding a polished look to your landscape.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

A Barrier Against Weeds

To keep your planting beds pristine, our Pre-Emergent Weed Control service creates a barrier to discourage weed seed germination. Timed with our Spring Jump Start and Mulch Installation, this service ensures that your garden remains weed-free, reducing the need for herbicides and allowing your plants to flourish.

Seasonal Pruning

Our Seasonal Pruning service, available from June to September, employs expert hand pruning and shearing techniques to manage seasonal growth and sculpt plants into their natural forms. This comprehensive service includes the meticulous care of ornamental trees up to 16 feet in height, as well as evergreen and deciduous shrubs and groundcovers, using the finest equipment and labor under strict supervision to ensure optimal results.

Core Aeration

Breathing Life Back into Your Lawn

Core Aeration is essential for reducing soil compaction and enhancing the uptake of oxygen, water, and nutrients by the lawn’s root system. By aerating your lawn we ensure a healthy, dense turf, which naturally reduces weed infestations and improves the overall appearance of your lawn.

Fall Clean-Up

Preparing for Winter’s Rest

Performed in late October/November in preparation for winter. This service includes the following: Cutting back perennials (those that provide winter interest such as sedum, astilbe, hydrangeas, and ornamental grasses shall remain where applicable), and removal of fallen leaves. Mow lawn at 2.5” as conditions allow. Please Note: This service may take up to 2-3 visits to complete depending on the specifics of your property and weather conditions.

Experience All Seasons with Poul’s Services

Choosing Poul’s Landscaping and Nursery for your Seasonal Landscape Services means entrusting your garden to experts who care deeply about its health and beauty. Our tailored approach to each season ensures that your landscape is not only maintained but thrives throughout the year. Contact us to discover how we can transform your outdoor spaces into stunning, resilient landscapes ready to face each season with vigor.

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