Turf Renovations

Turf Renovations

Turf Renovations

Poul’s Landscaping and Nursery offers specialized Turf Renovations services designed to rejuvenate and enhance the health and beauty of your lawn. Whether your lawn needs revitalization or a complete transformation, our experienced team uses the latest techniques and highest quality materials to promote optimal growth and a vibrant green appearance.


Precision Seeding for Lush Growth

Slit-seeding is an efficient way to introduce grass seed into an existing lawn with minimal disturbance. Our state-of-the-art slit-seeding machines precisely deposit seeds into the soil, ensuring higher germination rates and uniform growth. This method is ideal for thickening thin lawns and introducing new grass varieties to enhance your lawn’s density and appearance.

Seeding Lawns

Essentials for a Lush Lawn

Establishing a lush lawn starts with proper seeding. At Poul’s, we meticulously install grass seed and protect it with a straw blanket or peat moss to maintain moisture and encourage sprouting. We provide detailed watering instructions to ensure the seedlings develop strong roots, essential for a healthy and resilient lawn. While seeding outcomes depend on various factors, our expertise maximizes the chances of success.​

Sod Installation

Instant Beauty and Stability

For an immediate lawn transformation, our sod installation service offers an instant green landscape. We prepare and grade the area with fresh topsoil, then lay high-quality Kentucky Bluegrass sod or a specialty shade blend, depending on your lawn’s specific needs. Our careful installation process includes securing sloped areas and initial watering, followed by rolling to ensure even, beautiful results.

Core Aeration with Overseeding

Enhancing Lawn Health

Core aeration is vital for reducing soil compaction, improving oxygen, water, and nutrient flow to the root system, and enhancing overall lawn health. When combined with overseeding, this service revitalizes your lawn, encouraging dense growth and reducing weed infestations. Performed ideally in the fall, this technique ensures the seeds establish well, resulting in a thick, lush lawn.

Transform Your Lawn with Expert Turf Renovations from Poul’s

Poul’s Landscaping and Nursery is dedicated to delivering superior Turf Renovations services to transform your lawn into a healthy, vibrant outdoor space. Our comprehensive approach to lawn care ensures your lawn not only looks its best but is also sustainable and resilient. Contact us today to learn more about how our turf renovation services can breathe new life into your lawn.

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