Plant Healthcare

Plant Healthcare

Tree, Shrub, and Turf Healthcare

Poul’s Landscaping & Nursery’s Tree, Shrub, and Turf Healthcare services offer an unparalleled approach to maintaining the health and vibrancy of your garden. Our specialized treatments and preventive measures ensure your landscape thrives in every season.

Turf Care

Six-Step Fertilization and Weed Control Program

Our comprehensive Six-Step Program ensures your lawn receives the nutrients it needs for robust growth. Including pre-emergent crabgrass control and a winterizing  fertilizer application, this program is designed to keep your turf healthy and weed-free year-round. We emphasize the importance of proper watering techniques to maximize the effectiveness of our treatments.

Tree and Shrub Care

Balanced Fertilization Injection

The fertilizer product is injected under pressure directly into the soil within the tree’s drip line. This ensures optimal uptake of our blended slow-release fertilizer to ensure proper tree health and performance.

Systemic Insecticide Soil Injection

Systemic insecticide is injected directly into the soil to control insects such as scales, leafminers, gall makers, borers, and a wide variety of other damaging pests. The material is transported throughout the tree via its own vascular system. For taller trees, it may take weeks for the product to reach all parts of the tree, so applications need to be proactive, before insects arrive. This method is proven to be more effective than traditional foliar sprays, and the benefit of the injection furthermore is that the products are solely in the ground and does not impact children or pets.

It is recommended to “water in” this application as watering increases effectiveness by allowing the plant(s) to readily take up the product to protect from insects. Spring weather typically involves timely rainfall so normally, we experience help from Mother Nature to water in the product. In the case of an extended dry spell, please water in the product by placing a hose near the base of the plant(s) and allow small amount of water to flow for it to soak the soil.

Anti-Desiccant Treatments

A thin coating of material is sprayed onto the foliage of applicable evergreen plants in late fall/early winter to help protect from winter injury and desiccation.

Tree and Shrub: Pest / Disease Prevention and Treatment

Apple scab Treatments

Fungal diseases such as leaf scabs, rusts and anthracnose infect leaves during cool, moist conditions and more so when these conditions are experienced during the spring months. Multiple sprays throughout this period provide the best opportunity to reduce infection. Once infected, leaves will blotch and discolor. By mid-season the tree may drop most, or all of its leaves and the tree may appear to be lifeless. Three applications of this spray are required and will provide protection for the crabapples and/or hawthorn trees from this disease.

Deer and Rodent Repellant

Deer/rodent repellent is applied to discourage wildlife activity from browsing on applicable plant materials (arborvitae, yews are the most common). This product has a significant residual, meaning it can last through the winter. In the case of uncommon rainfall over the winter months, the product can be washed away, and follow-up applications may be needed.

Needle cast Treatment for Pine/Spruce Trees

Needle cast diseases of evergreens are caused by several fungi. Proactive treatment is necessary in the successful management of the disease since there is no recourse once the disease has set in for the season. Disease pressure heightens when experiencing an abundance of moisture during the spring months. Infection occurs late spring or early summer and when untreated, the result is premature needle drop several months afterwards. Two (2) fungicide applications in the spring months will successfully prevent the disease.​

Dormant Oil Application

Horticultural oils are very effective for controlling soft-bodied insects and over-wintering egg masses before the insect’s damage your applicable plants. Scale insects, mites, gall forming insects, cankerworms, mealy bugs, and other damaging insects are controlled through membrane disruption and/or suffocation. This highly refined oil is applied during the dormant season which helps to avoid non-targeted insects, which makes this spray an environmentally friendly alternative. Certain tree species are sensitive to the oil and are not sprayed.

Emerald Ash Borer Injection

Systemic insecticide is injected directly into the tree through a series of holes at the base of each tree in order to control Emerald Ash Borer and a wide variety of other damaging pests. The material is transported throughout the tree via its own vascular systems. For taller trees, it may take weeks for the product to reach all parts of the tree, so applications need to be proactive, before insects arrive. The ground needs to be watered for 2-3 weeks after application to provide adequate moisture for optimal uptake. Applications last for two (2) years.

Lawn Fungicide

Lawn fungicide develops during warm, humid, wet weather periods and, if left untreated, may continue to worsen. The application will help the turf recover from fungal pathogens and can last up to four (4) weeks. Weather plays a critical role in how long the product lasts so if we continue to experience warm, humid weather, additional applications may be necessary to manage the disease.

Iron Chlorosis Treatment

Chelated iron is added to correct chlorosis. Chlorosis is a sign of iron deficiency in your plant(s) and can cause premature leaf drop on tree species such as, but not limited to, River Birch, Red/Pin Oak, or Red Maple. This product is applied in a grid pattern throughout and just beyond the trees’ drip line. This ensures optimal uptake of our custom-blended chelated iron/elemental sulfur. This special form of iron is available to trees even in the high pH soils common to our area.

Preventative (or Curative) Grub Control

White Grubs are the larvae from a number of different beetles, but most prominently, they are the offspring of the infamous Japanese Beetles. Grubs live below ground and eat the roots of your grass – resulting in dead patches. Poul’s offers two treatments for grubs: first, a preventative treatment which is applied before grub damage is seen; and second, a curative treatment after infestation has occurred. Please Note: This is solely an application for white grub control. The product does not control Japanese Beetles from infesting trees, shrubs, and roses.

Expert Healthcare for Your Landscape with Poul’s Landscaping

With Poul’s Landscaping and Nursery’s comprehensive Tree, Shrub, and Turf Healthcare services, you can rest assured that your landscape is in expert hands. Our tailored treatments and preventative strategies are designed to address the unique challenges of each season, ensuring your garden’s health and beauty year-round. Contact us to learn how our specialized care can transform your landscape.

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